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What We Do

Global Tech Services, Inc. (GTS) is a women-owned Des Moines, Iowa based Information Technology Contract, Direct Hire placement, and Contract-for-Hire recruiting firm. With GTS, you’ll be able to staff/recruit all levels and types of IT personnel such as Project Managers, Developers, Business Analysts, QA Analysts, and Data positions. We serve several vertical markets including but not limited to insurance, financial, government, healthcare, and information technology for companies both large and small.

Employment & Contracting Options

Our rates vary based upon years of experience, skills required, and locality. We provide fees and hourly rates that are competitive within the market.

Direct-Hire Placement
Our fee is contingent upon the hiring of a candidate. The fees are calculated based upon a percentage of the first year annual salary. Fees apply to each referred candidate hired for a position or an alternate position within one year from the date of our referral. Interviewing our referred candidates constitutes agreement with these terms.
Contract Placement
We bill an hourly rate for our contractors. This rate is calculated on a time and materials basis. Our contractors only bill for hours worked and approved by our clients.
Contract-to-Hire Placements
We provide contract-to-hire options so our clients may have the ability to evaluate our candidate before converting into an employee. This creates a win/win siutiaon for both parties. Our typical contract period is 6 months, and our client can hire without paying any fees to GTS.

Working For You

We believe that through a partnership based on integrity and a commitment to your bottom line, we will build long-term relationships with our clients. Our company will be an extension of your recruiting team and reduce your recruiting costs which would include advertising, cost of an internal recruiter and a recruiter's assistant, interviewer’s time, and drug screening/background check process. We will stay ahead of the curve to locate and secure both passive and active candidates for your positions. With our national network of highly skilled candidates, we can deliver results in a timely fashion.

The GTS Advantage

Working with us will allow you to have greater flexibility within your team, which will allow you to contract and expand your projects when necessary. You can utilize our contractors for a specific task or project, knowing that the consultant will be offsite when the project is finished.

When you utilize our contract services, we will lower your cost of ownership as well. For instance, you will not have to pay a number of expenses, including employer-provided benefits, employee's Social Security and Medicare taxes, state unemployment compensation insurance, and workers' compensation insurance.